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Take care of your new tattoo!

Tattoo after care instructions:

1. Remove the bandage from your tattoo after about an hour

2. Clean your hands and then your tattoo with Liquid Dial soap

3. Gently pat dry

4. Apply a very thin layer of Aquaphor, Don't over do it! Apply as          needed for another 2 days (3 days total) 

5. Apply a scent and dye free lotion for the remainder of the 2 week  avg. healing time.  


If you want to use a tattoo specific salve or ointment, go right ahead

if it was made for tattoos im sure it will be fine.

But I can not endorse the use of any specific brand since everyones skin reacts differently and I don't want to affiliate myself to any 

specific brands.


Keep it Clean

Keep it Moisturized

Keep it Forever


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