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Seth Markus


Seth grew up in Rochester New York,  Honeoye specifically ,and Studied Graphic art and Design at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He has been drawing from an early age and uses different mediums such as pencil, acrylic, and pen. . Seth enjoys taking a clients idea and making it a permanent mark on their skin.  He specializes in everything, but favors polynesian tribal .  Come in or call for a consultation. There is a deposit for appointments which will be put towards your shiny new tattoo. 

Darrell Sigas
Darrel has drawn and has been good with his hands his whole life.  While also being mechanically inclined he can also communicate very well and  take a simple idea and make it your own.   He does a lot of walk in traffic and can make your simple and spontaneous ideas come to life in a jiffy.   A Deposit is needed to make an appointment.
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